Travel in London

General information

The website gives excellent information on all the modes of transport in the city as well as timetables. The London Underground (called ‘tube’) has its own website Please keep in mind that he tube map is not a true geographic representation of London and it is often quicker to take a bus or even walk.

To use public transport in London, you will need to buy an ‘Oyster‘ – a card that can be topped-up with money and which you need to place on the big yellow sensors when you get on the bus or want to get on the tube. ‘Oysters’ currently cost £5 – this is a deposit so when you leave London you can give the card back and receive your £5 together with the money that is still on the card.

Public transport around UCL

UCL is close to several tube stations (Russel Square, Euston, Euston Square) and is served by a great number of buses. In ‘Transport for London’s Journeyplanner, you can also type in the postcode of UCL SSEES ‘WC1H 0BW’ to find the quickest way (including walking) to the conference venue.


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